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Herbs for autumn

Sep 19 2017 0 Comments Tags: herbal infusion, immunitea, news

Preparing our body for Autumn...
We love the autumn, season of magical colors and fresh crisp breezes. Autumn reminds us that winter is around the corner and our body is starting to get ready for the cold season.
While refreshing our winter coats, it is important to remember that our inner coat- our immune system, could also use some attention.
Preparing our immune system for this season can help our body adjust to the weather change. It can also balance seasonal allergy reactions. But most important, it can strengthen our body’s immunity to the cold weather.
So, when we inhale the first crisp air at the end of summer, we should make sure our kitchen cabin holds some herbal protectors.
So here are our 5 must have herbs for the beginning of Autumn:
Ginger Root- Ginger can help treat inflammatory conditions. fresh or dry, it does the work!
In times of bad throat, Ginger is our first aid.

Here is a great recipe if your throat is sore:

Few pieces of fresh ginger (2 tbs)
Few small pieces of fresh garlic (1 clove)
1/2 teaspoon of sage or 1/2 fresh squeezed Lemon 9or both :-)
Use boiling water. Sweeten with honey (2 tbs).
You should eat the Ginger and Garlic pieces. If you are worried about having a fabulous Garlic breathe, drink it before going to bed. During the day you can drink this without the Garlic. Enjoy!
Licorice root- A beautiful herb that has many medicinal powers and is naturally sweet.
This herb is not for everyone. But it can help the body to work in its natural rhythm. To fight allergies (over the activated immune system). As well, it strengthens the immune system in need.
Echinacea- This wonderful herb is a number one first aid whenever it comes to cold, flu and throat issues. It helps stimulate any activity of the immune system when in need.
It doesn't have a strong flavor so you can blend it with mint or lemongrass, or enjoy it in our Immunitea herbal infusion.
Pss..It is also very good for external use as well, especially for cuts.
Turmeric- You probably heard a lot about this exotic herb. This yellow root has so much to it. It is a strong combat against inflammation. An important friend when our body can get sick easily.
Sage- This majestic herb helps fight inflammation and throat issues. This dry herb can be effective for colds and runny noses. You can drink it or inhale it through steam. You can also try our Infinitea herbal infusion, which is perfect for that. With its ginger and Elderberries, it helps fight cold and throat issues.
Elderberry- Elderberries are great to help protect our kids and strengthen their immune system. And, it tastes great so kids love it! VItalitea is a delightful infusion that both adults and kids love. It is a sweet-tart herbal blend of elderberry and rose petals for vitamin C. You can drink it on a daily basis, and have it hot or iced. It is sure to enjoy while keeping your body protected.
So many great natural medicinal powers out there. When you find the one that works for you, hold into it and enjoy it, until another herb starts calling you.
Enjoy what nature has to offer us, celebrate your body and be joyful,
Organically Yours,
Miss Tea.

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