Our Story

Born and raised surrounded by nature, the most natural and intuitive way for us to relax has always been gardening our own herbs. Throughout our world travels, in the most desolate of places, we always found our way back home with a cup of tea. That’s Misstea’s soul.

After traveling the globe, we decided to settle down in a new, exciting place. Spreading a word of health and awareness in its most simple way, became our mission. And tea, became a way to achieve that.

New York, our urban dynamic city, is a place that forces to stay in motion and connected to the external world around us. This city became the place where we were challenged the most to go within and keep our inner balance. It is New York, that motivated us to bring that to others. We wanted to step back and reminisce on a ritual that for us, creates serenity.

We chose to go back to our roots, to our garden, and share with this amazing city and its people that simple ceremony that always provides a piece of mind, brings a quiet moment, and reminds us to go back to our home within.

We all have big plans, we all are rushing, we all are building greatness. And that is, precisely, why we all need to find our moments of balance, for our mind, body, and soul.

Out of a profound belief in the power of teas and herbs, we have created a whole relaxation experience. Misstea offers loose leaf organic teas and unique herbal infusions that come from all over the world — coming from the earth, comforting the body, relaxing the mind.

We invite you to join our community and take a daily moment to treat yourself.