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Sandalwood Pure Incense

  • $12.00

Heal and relax with this natural and handcrafted incense with the exquisite scent of Sandalwood. An ancient scent use for meditation, the Sandalwood will enhance your mental clarity and open your third eye.


Expand your mind and cleanse your soul with our amazing natural and handcrafted incenses. Made in India exclusively for Miss Tea, this incense is definitely the most exquisite incense you can find, with no chemicals or artificial fragrance added.

An ancient Buddhist scripture states: "None but the Mali Mountains contain Sandalwood.” The Sandalwood has been used as an incense material for 4,000 years – for good reason. Considered to be one of the most calming scents, it is usually used for meditation, enhancing mental clarity, and opening the Third Eye. Our Sandalwood is pure joy for Sandalwood lovers. Each envelop contains 9 incense sticks.


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