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Natural & Handmade Incense

  • $12.00

These incense are definitely the most amazing incense available. They are pure and natural, and made with love and a special vibration. A must.


Our incense is definitely the most amazing incense you can find anywhere. They are pure and natural – no chemicals whatsoever added. Each stick is made by hand with a lot of love and special energy. A unique incense that will cleanse your space and expand your mind.

Our special incense selection:
Lotus flower- a unique scent of the lotus flower. Gentle sweetness and a floral touch.
Natural- a natural scent that is perfect all day round. Beautiful for quiet moments.
Sandalwood- Sweet and grounding sandalwood incense. Perfect and addictive for sandalwood lovers.
Spiritual- Airy and sweet scent that is great for cleansing and meditating.
Thin incense- 10 sticks per pack. Thick incense- 8 sticks per pack.


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