Our Company

Misstea was born as a seasonal retail shop, selling cups of hot tea and loose leaf tea around New York City’s Christmas markets, during the winter. Since then — almost 10 years ago — we have evolved to a complete Brooklyn-based company that also offers customers — you — the chance to get Misstea’s herbal infusions, teas, and accessories from our online store, at misstea.com.

During 2016 we decided to rebrand every single part of our company. From the packaging to the colors, it is all a new, shiny Misstea waiting for you to be discovered. Also, from now on, we are more connected to you through our various online channels and social networks. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter to receive exciting news about tea and special promotions for subscribers and tea enthusiasts.

The most exciting part: We also have a new Mediterranean Selection of special blends you will not find anywhere else, exclusively blended for Misstea with high-end, organic ingredients, herbs, plants and flowers. Due to popular demand, Matcha was added to our family and our all-time classics are still part of Misstea.

Accessories to enhance your tea experience are still around and looking better than ever! With time, we will bring more accessories we believe will make you smile and enjoy that special cup of tea as if it were the last one. Last but not least, our hand-made Indian incense has also evolved to a more curated selection of heavenly aromas and ingredients. Don’t miss it!

Thank you for stopping by. Of course, the most important detail of Misstea is, and always will be, you, our loyal customer.

Send your thoughts to hello@misstea.com. We are always happy to read your opinion.