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Welcome 2019: Our New Year's Resolutions

Jan 10 2019 0 Comments Tags: herbal infusion

  New Year’s resolutions are a beautiful concept, but, let’s face it - life gets in the way. We start strong and confident: this will be the year we will become healthier and happier, but then late nights at work, the winter and lots of pizza have their own plans for our year. Changing habits is hard. Yet, each and every New Year’s Eve you know in your heart - you deserve to be better than you are, one step at a time. So our first resolution for a healthier and happier year is to stick to our resolutions. Our...

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8 reasons you should add turmeric to your diet - and lots of it!

Mar 15 2018 0 Comments Tags: herbal infusion, herbs, longevitea, natural, organic

 It has been called “the new matcha” and took the health and wellness world by storm. From teas, to capsules, juice shots, cocktails, and lattes - turmeric is the new flavor of the moment in every local organic cafe or green grocery.  While turmeric is the latest trend in the Western world, in the Middle and the Far East it has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years, as one of the most effective nutritional supplements that nature can offer.  As we catch up on the trend, hundreds of studies had already proven the amazing benefits turmeric...

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