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So What Is Incense All About?

Oct 12 2017 0 Comments

One of the most special mornings of my life was fifteen years ago. In the Himalayas of India.
I was sitting on a balcony of a house on a hill, surrounded by colorful flowers and dozens of butterflies. It was magical.
That morning we lit one incense after another, sampling dozens of fragrances and surrendering to the story that each incense carried.

That is how my deep connection to incense began.

Now, one of my favorite things to do when I start my day, or when I come back home after a long day - is to burn incense. It’s my sacred relaxing time.

Smelling is one of the most interesting abilities we have, it can affect our mind in an instant.

In Hinduism and Buddhism incense are used during rituals for its psychological benefits, the calming effect relaxes the mind and helps in performing rituals with better concentration.

It’s like music to the nose.

But there are so many kinds of incenses out there. How do we pick the good ones?

It is critically important that the incense you choose will be made of natural ingredients. Burning incense that contains chemicals may cause headaches, nausea, and stress.

One way to know if your incense is natural is to see if the sticks are looking perfect and straight or if they look like it has been made by hand.

Another way is to see how long it burns. A natural incense will naturally turn off sometimes and will burn faster than unnatural ones.

Miss Tea is dedicated to offering only good quality incense. We carry a selection of natural incense in different scents. Our incenses are made in India and in the Amazon jungle. Each place brings its own unique scents, oils, purposes, and qualities.

Our Indian incense collection is handmade with only natural oils and real tree pastes by an incense artist. A man with one mission- to create spiritual incense in many scents that would elevate the spirit.

Our Amazon incenses are handmade in a small village in the jungle.
The main ingredient, Palo Santo, the ‘holly wood’, is a beautiful tree from the Amazon jungle. This sacred tree is used as an energetic cleanser, and the smell, oh the smell, feels like the jungle itself came to sit in my living room.

There are many ways to enjoy burning incense, here some ideas of how to keep your room clean and safe-
One is a holder, any incense holder will do the work, just make sure it holds the stick tight and straight.
Another way is to stick the end of the stick in the soil of a plant that you have in the room. Don’t worry about the ashes, if the incense is natural it is actually good for the plant.

Now. Many people ask us about burning Sage... 

We decided to dedicate a separate blog for it.

So if you are interested in learning about how to clean your space with sage- keep your eyes open for our next blog!

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