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How to Choose Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Tea Lover

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner, so naturally, candy hearts, teddy bears and roses are anywhere the eye can see. While chocolates, candies and flowers could make a romantic gift for the festival of love, some people prefer gifting a little bit out of the ordinary.

The stress of gifting can make us forget what gifting’s for: making someone we love feel special. Whether it’s your mom, your partner or your best friend, Valentine’s day presents a rare chance for us to be a little cheesy and remind our loved ones that we always have them in our hearts.

That is why at MissTea we believe a gift should be an experience that nurtures the body and the soul. One memorable way to say “I love you” is giving the gift of tea.

It is fragrant, delicious, pleasing, and sensual: Organic tea is an experience that lasts. Surprise your significant other with some smooth and warming honey; give your mom that tea pot she has always wanted; treat your best friend with some delicious and healthy blends. Whether they are tea lovers or new to the game, they will definitely love you for it.


Tea & Honey

Nothing’s more comforting than a hot cup of tea with a big spoon of organic honey, right? It’s the classic and sweet combination that slides into your body and make you feel all warmed up inside. Well, for Valentine’s day 2018 you can gift this classic, with a sexy twist.

We’re happy to introduce Love Honey, organic honey that’s sourced from South California, that will surprise you, excite you, and stimulate your senses. Love Honey is mixed with vanilla bean, nutmeg, ginseng and clove - elements known to have natural warming and stimulating properties. Therefore Love Honey holds aphrodisiac powers. 

Treat your beau with Love Honey and special blends of organic loose leaf tea to spice up your romance and add a lot of flavor to your life.

Love Blossom

Well, it is Valentine’s day and we have to admit, flowers are tradition. However, instead of just giving the same old bouquet of flowers, why not make it special? Include flowers in your Valentine’s day gift with floral tea infusions that not only taste amazing, but also look beautiful.

For the person who need some relaxation, try our lavender and rose Serenitea, a blend infused with valerian root that calms the body and the mind. For a fruit lover, give our wonderfully tart hibiscus blends, Vitalitea and Activitea. For a romantic blend, go for our Cinnamon Rose, a rich and delicate mix of black tea, orange peel, rose petals, cacao and cinnamon.

Confused from all this tea? Want to try it all? go for our variety boxes. Thoughtfully curated with a lot of love, our boxes provide a gift that keeps on giving, with a collection of some of our favorite blends, which allow you to experiment and experience our tea and herbal blends.


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