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Welcome 2019: Our New Year's Resolutions

Jan 10 2019 0 Comments Tags: herbal infusion


New Year’s resolutions are a beautiful concept, but, let’s face it - life gets in the way. We start strong and confident: this will be the year we will become healthier and happier, but then late nights at work, the winter and lots of pizza have their own plans for our year.

Changing habits is hard. Yet, each and every New Year’s Eve you know in your heart - you deserve to be better than you are, one step at a time. So our first resolution for a healthier and happier year is to stick to our resolutions. Our second is to make them work for us, take it easy, and build the foundation for a longer, better, healthier life.

Here are another 3 habits all of us can stick to this time:


1. Drink more water

We all know how important it is to always stay hydrated, and yet most of us don’t drink water often enough. Water is the foundation of our body functions. It’s vital for our digestion system can help us lose some weight and help our brain think better. Struggling to drink water alone? add some lemon and mint, or even drink more non-caffeinated herbal infusions to keep yourself always nice and hydrated.


2. Get enough sleep

When life gets crazy, our sleep is the first thing that gets hurt. This year we’re not going to let this go - not a straining deadline, not our long to-do list, and not even our stressful week are going to keep us awake. 8 hours of sleep a night are crucial to maintaining our healthy mind and body, and we deserve that care. Having trouble sleeping? Try our amazingly calming tea, serenitea. We swear by it.


3. Meditate

For some people, meditation and mindfulness sound like an unreachable goal or a time-consuming hobby. However, the busier you are - the more important it is to learn how to restore peace in your life. It is scientifically proven that meditation de-stresses the body and creates total peace of mind. So it’s time to finally commit. Whether you need to use youtube tutorials, meditation apps, palo santo or incense, figure out what helps you connect and reach these meditation goals.


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