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4 Must-Have Herbs In Your Kitchen Cabinet

Sep 06 2019 0 Comments Tags: chamomile, elderberry, ginger, herbs, immune system, natural medicine, nettle, organic tea, organics must-have

Fall is coming and runny noses and coughs begin to crash the party. To prepare your immune system for the weather changes, there are a few herbs you should add to your daily routine.
It has already been proved that herbal teas can improve your health. Herbs like Elderberry, Ginger, Nettle, Chamomile and others can strengthen the immune system, and prepare our body to be resistance the cold. 
Chamomile tea is such a gem, with not only aiding as a stress relief (which might also help to boost your immune system) but has also anti-inflammatory properties and can relief cough discomfort. 
Ginger is a magical root! Its may assist in treating nausea and infections. You can also add a few slices of ginger to your water to accelerate your metabolism. Ginger has so many more health benefits, but let's focus on strengthening the body before winter- and Ginger is- by far- one of the best ones.
Nettle leaves are another powerful herb to add to your tea recipe. It tastes good with different flavors, like ginger or berries, Nettle is one of the most nourishing plants out there, it grows wild in many areas in the USA, and can be picked fresh and add to your cup of tea or bowl of soup.
Last but not least the impressive Elderberry which was used already by the ancient Egyptians. These tiny fruits are full of vitamin C and may be effective in fighting the flu. And just to emphasize, it has more antioxidants and flavonols than the other berries!  Elderberry can keep you a youngberry :))
We have lots of flavorful surprises for you:
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Have a Healthy and Beautiful Autumn!  

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