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Feeling like black tea or herbal infusion?

Apr 05 2018 0 Comments

As part of the tea community, you probably already know that it's much more than just a beverage. Tea can be a ceremonial way of life, a medicinal remedy, or just a delicious treat that warms your body and your heart. 
Our philosophy is - appreciate your tea, and think of every cup as an experience. If you use it right, tea can fit any occasion, and sometimes even be your best friend. 
Tea drinking can enhance and enrich almost any situation. But how can you match your tea to your mood? well, we have a few tips. 

Feeling Romantic? 
Well, it might sound like a cliché, but when in doubt - always go for roses. There’s nothing like a romantic bouquet to get those fireworks popping, so why not put it in your mug? Imagine a romantic dinner, candle lights, and a hot cup of some black tea with roses to put the cherry on the top. Sounds like the perfect date for us. 


Having a Drink with Friends?
Tea sometimes has a reputation of a wintery and peaceful drink (that you tend to like better as you get old.) While it could be, and that’s great, you don’t have to limit your tea - set it free! Try a fruity and fresh herbal infusion - that would be perfect for a get together with friends. Having a pool party? throw some ice into the mix. Throwing a cocktail party? we recommend adding just a little bit of Vodka (you can thank us later.)


Looking for a Splurge?
Sometimes you just want a rich and creamy touch, a drink that has a strong taste and a unique texture. A tea that has presence. Have you tried Earl Grey Creme? this classic with a twist will make you feel luxurious. A delicious infusion of black tea, with sweet bergamot flavor creamy vanilla for the final touch. Sounds fancy? it tastes fancy too. 

 (Tip: to make it even more extra, add a dash of milk). 


Need an Office Pick-Me-Up?
Most people’s go-to, when they need a little energy during a long day of work is of course - coffee. In fact, the average New Yorker drinks about 3.4 cups of coffee a day. Well, we have a suggestion that would definitely be healthier, and might even help you wake up more: Pu'erh tea, with some coconut and cacao.

Pu’erh is fermented tea that has high levels of caffeine. With an addition of coconut and cacao, it’s flavor and texture resembles coffee – especially with a little bit of milk. If that’s not enough, tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine, that combined with caffeine, boosts your brain’s ability to focus. 


Want to Warm Up Under the Blankets? 
Winter is not really over yet, and sometimes you just want to sit on the couch, under a heavy blanket, with a hot cup of tea. You might be surprised to know that some natural herbs can literally warm your body up, and you can find many of them in a rich and spicy cup of chai. Cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, all have natural properties that help blood circulation, which warms up the body naturally. Want to drink at night? Try Rooibos Chai, a caffeine free blend you can have any time of the day.


So what are you waiting for? with all that knowledge, it’s time to step up your tea game.

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